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Just Like Nature



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learn about our commitment to the environment

The beauty industry is the #1 offender for plastic waste pollution. We want to be a part of the solution, not the problem. 

Therefore, Supple Sirens Bath & Body 

has committed to transitioning to a low-waste company. Follow us on this journey and learn about ways you can join this initiative.

Wild Flowers
Homemade Natural Soap

Nantucket oyster shell candles

Each Pocomo Meadow Oyster shell is unique in size and color creating interesting individual candles. Organic soy wax is lovingly poured into three shells that have been sun-kissed and hand painted, before they are wonderfully packaged. 

Naturally Simple

We believe in using the absolute best ingredients to ensure that we are providing you with the kindest and most natural products. We take pride in our work and want you to take pride in your skin. Join us on this journey to healthy, happy, supple skin!


"I bought your products at a farmer's market in Nantucket this summer. I love them!"

NIcole, CT

"Your body butter is amazing. My skin won't accept anything else at this point!"

Claire, nh

Thank you ladies so much for the great delivery, absolutely love everything that I ordered and can’t say enough about how good I feel about the ingredients.

Kaitlyn, MA


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