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Crafted with rich organic oils, our Lemon Poppy Seed Soap leaves your skin clean and smooth, while the poppy seeds gently exfoliates dead skin and removes impurities. 


This is not only a great bar to use in the shower, but it is perfect for use in the kitchen. The lemon scent helps to remove strong aromas from hands. 


Net Wt. 4.5 oz

Lemon Poppy Soap

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    • Coconut Oil
    • Canola Oil
    • Olive Oil
    • Mango Butter
    • Castor Oil
    • Vitamin E-Oil
    • Lemon Essential Oil
    • Yellow Mica
    • Poppy Seeds
  • Poppy seeds being a powerhouse of antioxidants and essential nutrients reduce skin inflammation and promotes overall skin health. 

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